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Securing Video Streaming Over Internet Protocol Version 6(IPv6)


Cheng Kian Yong, Azizol Abdullah, Mohd. Taufik Abdullah


Vol. 12  No. 11  pp. 76-83


The worth of a video can never be ignored in this age of Internet. With streaming, the file can be watching as soon as it begins downloading by end user. However, many raise awareness of security threats and vulnerabilities that exit all around the Internet, thus security becomes a key problem to be handled when valuable multimedia assets are floating over the network. This paper presents secure video streaming over Internet Protocol Version 6. The paper proposed client authentication in defending Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) server against active man in the middle attack. The process of authorization is done by allowing the server access to only authorized users. The cipher suites described in this paper use Camellia in cipher block chaining (CBC) mode as a bulk cipher algorithm, keys generated through DHE_RSA, DHE_DSS, and RSA.A keyed-hash algorithm is used SHA-1 to generate the Hashed Message Authentication Code (HMAC) for every HTTPS packet. After all these encryption process, the data is finally traveling over the network media. As a result, this paper hopes to apply the best possible security on video streaming among the Internet.


Authorization, client authentication, cipher block chaining, DHE_DSS, DHE_RSA, HMAC, HTTPS, IPv6, man in the middle attack, RSA, SHA-1, Video Streaming.