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Automated Car Control - A Complete Solution


Nazmul Hasan, S. M Didar-Al- Alam, Sikder Rezwanul Huq


Vol. 12  No. 11  pp. 131-136


From the beginning of the artificial intelligence there was a desire of having a fully automated intelligent car. Numbers of experiments have been done and some of them were very much fruitful. As a result now we have intelligent smart cars. These cars are intelligent and can take some of the decision of their own. But they actually assist the driver for a limited amount of time. None of them are fully automated. We think a fully automated transportation can only be possible by having a combination of intelligent car and traffic system as well the environment like road on which the car actually moves. In this paper we have tried to discuss a new idea for an autonomous transportation system- a complete solution.


Intelligent Transportation, GPS (Global Positioning System), ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control),AHS (Automated Highway Systems), Smart Cars, DLCC (Dynamic Laser Cruise Control)