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Inadvertent Threat Detection According to Power System Components


Hyuk Kim, Jung-Chan Na


Vol. 12  No. 12  pp. 1-5


Power system is exposed to security issues such as threats by external factors and multidimensional system vulnerabilities because of IT-convergence of power system. So, it is necessary to ensure availability of power system in order to keep operating. Because of application of limited security service, security capabilities of the power system can be improved through continuous monitoring of network and system as IEC 62351-7 focused on security through network and system management. Power system network structure can be divided into end system, network node and path through NSM security requirements and data objects. Component failures and network configuration changes can inadvertently result in threats like invalid network access. In this paper, we show inadvertent threats of invalid network access according to faults of components. We can categorize deliberate attack by an attacker and inadvertent threat by component failure; also it is helpful to classify the type of inadvertent threats.


IEC 62351-7, Invalid Network Access, Inadvertent Threat, Component