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Exclusive Partition in FCM-type Co-clustering and Its Application to Collaborative Filtering


Katsuhiro Honda, Chi-Hyon Oh, Yui Matsumoto, Akira Notsu, Hidetomo Ichihashi


Vol. 12  No. 12  pp. 52-58


The task of collaborative filtering has close relation to co-clustering, in which personalized recommendation is achieved by connecting users with items to be preferred. FCM-type co-clustering extracts user-item co-clusters, in which users are assigned to clusters in an exclusive manner while item partitions are not necessarily exclusive and each item can be shared (rejected) by multiple (all) clusters. In this paper, an exclusive constraint is introduced into FCM-type co-clustering and the clustering model is demonstrated to be useful in collaborative filtering task.


Fuzzy clustering, Co-clustering, Collaborative filtering, Exclusive partition