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Survey of Web Application and Internet Security Threats


Hesham Abusaimeh, Mohammad Shkoukani


Vol. 12  No. 12  pp. 67-76


Computer and network security are one of the most challenging topics in the Information Technology research community. Internet security is a significant subject that may affect a wide range of Internet users. People that use Internet to sell, buy and even to communicate needs their communications to be safe and secure. This paper is discussing the different aspects of Internet and networking security and weakness. Main elements of networking security techniques such as the firewalls, passwords, encryption, authentication and integrity are also discussed in this paper. The anatomy of a web applications attack and the attack techniques are also covered in details. The security of high-speed Internet as the growth of its use has stained the limits of existing network security measures. Therefore, other security defense techniques related to securing of high-speed Internet and computer security in the real world are studied as well such as, DNS, One-Time Password and defending the network as a whole. This paper is also surveyed the worm epidemics in the high-speed networks and their unprecedented rates spread.


Web application Security, Network Security, Protection tools, SQL Injection, Firewall, and Intrusion Detection System