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Encryption Design Based on FPGA using VHDL


Murtada M. Abdulwahab, Abdul Rasoul J. Alzubaidi


Vol. 12  No. 12  pp. 96-100


There is a quiet, international battle underway, a battle that impacts every data consumer and producer. The important part of this battle are the cryptographers who work to protect our national security and the privacy of our personal information through increasingly strong methods of encryption, This work, developed a double encryption design using Very high speed integrated circuits Hardware Description Language (VHDL) and a Field Programmable Gate Arrays technology (FPGA) aimed to ensure privacy to the transmitted data over open networks. The presented work is a type of modern encryption technique. It used a combination of transposition and substitution encryption techniques that help to generate complex cipher. The implementation design was developed and tested with the aid of Xilinx ISE.9.2. The results obtained prove the reliability and applicability of the system. The paper discussed the provided performance of several FPGA devices.


VHDL, ISE9.2i, FPGA, Encryption