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Use of Labview Software for Measuring the Change of Surface Potential of Thin Dielectric Layers


Justinas Jurk?us, Tadeu? Lozovski, Miroslav ?eibak, Germanas Budnikas


Vol. 12  No. 12  pp. 115-120


Monitoring and control of measurement processes in many devices require transmission of information and interaction with the physical process in object. One of the methods for contactless measurement of surface potential of thin dielectric layers during their charging as well as during spontaneous discharge is fast mechanical movement of the layer from the ion generator to the gauge electrode. For this purpose a process control system was designed and developed. Presented is a computing-measuring device consisting of the electro-mechanical measuring block, of the converter “analog-digital and digital-analog”, and of the control program using LabView software. The paper presents the results of the development of specific hardware and software to monitor the measurement process.


LabView, Real Time Monitoring and Control, Method of Dosed Charging