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Creation of Estelle Specifications Using Predicate Logic


Germanas Budnikas, Tadeu? Lozovski, Miroslav ?eibak


Vol. 12  No. 12  pp. 129-135


This paper presents an approach showing how first order predicate logic sentences can be used creating Estelle specifications. Some knowledge based techniques for creation of specifications are briefly introduced. Knowledge about Estelle specifications and its application are given too. An approach for application of first order predicate logic formulas to construct Estelle specifications is discussed ? predicates and relations used to describe elements of an extended finite state machine and the specification language are described in detail. A mapping between predicate logic formulas and specification language constructs is defined for the use during specification construction process. In order to illustrate the approach explained in the paper, an alternating bit protocol model is used.


Estelle specification, first order predicates, alternating bit protocol