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Depth Budget for Visual Comfort in Stereoscopic Watching Environment


Jongyoung Kim, Namgyu Kim, Seiwoong Oh


Vol. 13  No. 1  pp. 7-12


Depth budget (or parallax range) is a term for describing the amount of stereoscopic depth in an image. It is a quantity as a difference between the parallax of the farthest and closest objects. Depth budget has been suggested as a part of stereoscopic shooting guidelines for the visual comfort. In this paper, we derived the depth budget by statistical analysis. We performed experiment in which subjects evaluated test image by questionnaire. Experimental Data was analyzed firstly by factor analysis to identify dominant features. In our experiment, there existed two primary variables called “fatigue,” and “depth.” We applied t-test to identify the boundary on which the magnitude of fatigue or feeling of depth changes. Derived depth budget was 2% for negative and 4% for positive parallax.


Depth Budget, Factor Analysis, t-Test, Visual Comfort