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New Enhanced Performance MAC Routing Algorithm to Improve Reliability in Multimedia Data Transmission based on Mutual Diversity for Optical Networks


R. Deepalakshmi, S. Rajaram


Vol. 13  No. 1  pp. 133-140


Requirements for increasingly complex, scalable, and dynamic networks, which provide assured end-to-end connectivity in a wide range of scenarios, have been emerging. In this context, we have been investigating Optical Networks that provide extremely high data rates makes it a very attractive medium for multiservice transmission in building networks at low cost. Recently, there has been active research going on congestion control in optical networks to provide the communication reliability and bandwidth efficiency. We investigate the mutual diversity technique as a candidate solution for congestion control over Optical Network. This paper proposes a new robust medium access control (MAC) protocol, called Mutual Diversity MAC (MD-MAC), which exploits the mutual communication capability at the physical (PHY) layer to improve robustness in optical networks. In MD-MAC, each terminal proactively selects a consort for mutual operation and lets it pass on concurrently so that this mitigates interference from nearby terminals and thus improves the reliability of network and its bandwidth efficiency. It has been evaluated through extensive simulations with very establishing results, particularly on highly congested scenarios where the load balancing capabilities of the protocol becomes highly significant. For meticulous evaluation, this study presents and uses a realistic reception by taking Bit Error Rate (BER), and the corresponding Frame Error Rate (FER) into consideration.


Mutual Diversity, Optical fiber communication, Medium Access Control protocol, Bit Error Rate (BER), Frame Error Rate (FER), Bandwidth efficiency.