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Channel Assignment and Provisioning of Deadline Driven Requests with Flexible Transmission Rates in Wireless Mesh Networks


Shreenidhi P L, Puttamadappa C, T G Basavaraju


Vol. 13  No. 2  pp. 48-52


A wireless mesh network can be seen as a special type of wireless ad-hoc network. A wireless mesh network often has a more planned configuration, and may be deployed to provide dynamic and cost effective connectivity over a certain geographic area. A network with higher throughput will deliver better quality of service for band- width intensive applications such as video and voice streaming, VoIP, etc. A high throughput capacity WMN can support several users running bandwidth intensive applications simultaneously. The other advantage of using a WMN is that the geographical range of the network can be increased without disturbing the existing network topology. In this paper, we propose a Hybrid Channel Assignment scheme using nodes, the Channel Assignment Server CAS, as central node to collect information from the network and to assign channels to each radio interface. To implement this scheme we have considered many schemes used before and tried to take the best advantages of each one and eliminated all possible disadvantages. Starting from this idea we implemented a centralized channel assignment scheme that considers both interference and traffic load to assign channel to radio. The k-shortest path algorithm for deadline driven requests for multi-radio wireless mesh network is simulated using NS2 and compared with the BSF scheme.


Channel Assignment , Deadline Driven Requests, Flexible Transmission Rates, WSN , Wireless Mesh Networks