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Empirical Model using Expert System Techniques in Hardware Failure of a System during Backup of Data


Abdullah Saad AlMalaise Al Ghamdi, Syed Mutiullah Hussaini, Abdul Khadar Jilani


Vol. 13  No. 2  pp. 53-59


The using of the computer is widely spread today but the knowledge in the fault diagnosis is very limited. Thus, the fault diagnosis of the computer components is very important. Obviously, the risk of hardware failure is the most commonly talked-about reason to perform backups. Indeed, nothing will jolt someone into realizing the importance of backups more than an unrecoverable hard disk failure. Since the hard disk stores your main programs and data, it is the hardware whose failure hurts the most. It is also what gets the most attention, and rightly so. However, there are other hardware problems that can cause permanent data loss and some of these can be rather hard to figure out, since they don't seem like they should be responsible for the problem. For instance, memory error with so many systems today running without error detection or correction on their system memory, there is a chance of a memory error corrupting the data on the hard disk. It is rare for it to happen, but it does happen [1]. Accordingly, the need of creating an expert system to diagnose these faults is increasing. Here in this paper the design of an expert system that aims to help the user in diagnosing the failure in motherboard, RAM and CPU is represented.


Expert system, Artificial Intelligence, Hardware