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Performance Evaluation of Multi-channel Operation IEEE 1609.4 Based on Multi-hop Dissemination


Doan Perdana, Riri Fitri Sari


Vol. 13  No. 3  pp. 32-41


The Multichannel Operations IEEE 1609.4 is an emerging standard which support the co-existence of safety (CCH Channel) and non-safety (SCH Channel) message application in vehicular networks. This strictly concerns on the transmission slot synchronization of CCH/SCH based on Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) to achieve QoS requirements (i.e. to improve packet delivery ratio and reduce delay). In this paper, we study the performance of the IEEE 1069.4 based on multi-hop dissemination compared with the single-hop dissemination in vehicular network to get SCH and CCH channel performance. Our work also compared multi-hop with single-hop dissemination based on the performance based on the IEEE 802.11p Enhanced Distributed Channel Access Function (EDCA) standard in a vehicular environment to get packet delivery ratio performance in vehicular networks. On this work, we use ns 2.34 simulator to evaluate the performance of the IEEE 1609.4. From the simulation, it was found that the delay of Multi-channel Operations IEEE 1609.4 based on multi-hop dissemination has been degraded 42.77% compared with single-hop dissemination and the throughput is 65.72% better compared with single-hop dissemination. Based on IEEE 802.11p Enhanced Distributed Channel Access Function the standard in vehicular environment, we found that AC_VO (CWmin = 7 and CWmax = 15) is the highest performance based on multi-hop dissemination (i.e. the highest on queue priority scheduling and the better average of delay performance).


IEEE 1069.4, multi-hop dissemination, single-hop dissemination, safety and non-safety message application, Enhanced Distributed Channel Access Function