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Designing a 36 Segment Display for Bengali Compound Character


Shahnur Azad Chowdhury, Sultana Akter, Aman Ullah


Vol. 13  No. 3  pp. 42-47


Characters can be represented in hardware using dot matrix system or segmented display. Dot matrix display costs extra memory, power and time compared to segmented display as large numbers of dots are required to be manipulated in dot matrix system. But due to the high cost and complexity of matrix displays, segment display is generally used to display characters. Although recently different segmented display models for Bangla characters have been proposed, the quality of the characters stay below the mark. In this paper, 36-segments display for Bangla compound character has been proposed. From the review it appears that it is the first proposed display in the world for Bangla compound Character.


Compound Character,36-segment display.