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Filtering Web Pages by Sensitive Mining Approach


M.Sreedevi, A.Sowmya Kaveri, Deepak.V, K.Venkatesh, D.Sravan


Vol. 13  No. 3  pp. 112-119


Many abnormal topics or remarks on the world wide web may like crime, violence etc may disturb the public morality and cause social unrest. Most traditional methods filter a page as long as it contains a keyword in a predefined blacklist. Such methods cannot provide a quantitative measure of how sensitive the content is. In this paper, we propose a utility-based Web content sensitivity mining approach. Utility is viewed as the measure of how sensitive a page is. It allows the Internet regulators to take different operations according to different sensitivity values. We apply our approach on a real-world Web dataset. By varying the sensitive values of the keywords, different sets of high sensitivity keywords were discovered.


sensitive content, flexibility ,utility mining, sensitivity mining .