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Implementation of Virtual Colored Overlays in Mobile Devices for People with Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome


Young Gun Jang


Vol. 13  No. 4  pp. 13-18


In this paper, I implemented a mobile overlay application based on the Android operating system. To achieve this, I measured film overlay colors at transmit mode and reflect mode by using spectrum colorimeter and estimated and implemented color information to apply to virtual overlays. Chromaticity measured in reflect mode was heavier than the one measured in transmit mode. I found I needed to use chromaticity measured in reflect mode in order to keep the film’s overlay effect in virtual colored overlay, which was applied to printed paper. The test results showed that it had the same effect as when existing film overlay was used on white paper, with the exception of color effect on the white screen of mobile devices.


Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, virtual colored overlays, mobile environments, Android operating system, chromaticity in reflect mode