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The Design of Vulnerability Management System


GeonLyang Kim, JinTae Oh, DongIl Seo, JeongNyeo Kim


Vol. 13  No. 4  pp. 19-23


The security organizations in Korea aren’t in cooperation with other countries and organizations to collect, analyze and respond vulnerabilities and don’t have the integrated database and the organized management system for the vulnerabilities. As the number of users using the internet has increased, recently the internet services have been growing rapidly. The assets composed of the service have lots of vulnerabilities, the system administrator don’t know the response method for them. This paper introduces the method constructing and managing the vulnerability database, the system managing the vulnerabilities and assessing the severity of service that consists of several products having a lot of vulnerabilities by referring to NVD as the public vulnerability database which is being operated in USA.


Vulnerability Assessment, Vulnerability Management