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A Comparative Analysis and Evaluation of Open Source ERP Systems


Saleh M. Al-Saleem


Vol. 13  No. 4  pp. 24-28


An ERP system is a system that needs to create integrated solutions in order to manage the bulk of operations inside a company or organization. Also ERP system is a critical and important investment that can affect the overall performance of a company. Open source ERP systems are often targeted when the needs of a company are not fully covered by a standard software edition. In this article we are going to compare and evaluate three main open source ERP systems based on certain criteria. Based on these criteria we will draw a conclusion for the best ERP system that can be used to support the business goals and objectives of an enterprise, and to carry and facilitate the group decision process inside a company.


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), Open source