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Robust Video Watermarking & Random Shuffling of Data using Discrete Wavelet transform


S.Nafees Ahmed, B.Sridhar


Vol. 13  No. 4  pp. 56-59


Here, we propose data hiding and extraction procedure for high resolution AVI (Audio Video Interleave) videos. Although AVI videos are large in size but it can be transmitted from source to target over network after processing the source video by using these Data Hiding and Extraction procedure securely. There are two different procedures, which are used here at the sender’s end and receiver’s end respectively. The procedures are used here as the key of Data Hiding and Extraction Nowadays, a chief problem encountered by content providers & owners is the protection of their material. They are apprehensive about copyright protection and further forms of exploitation of their digital content. The ease by which digital information can be duplicated and distributed has led to the need for effective copyright protection tools.


Interpolation Algorithm, Enhanced Robustness, Embedding Randomly Segmented Data in Secure manner