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Data Management Routing Protocol in MANET


A.Sathiyaraj, S.Usha, G.Deepa


Vol. 13  No. 4  pp. 66-73


Providing quality of service (QOS) in a mobile ad hoc network is a challenging task due to its peculiar characteristics. This paper aims at presenting a routing protocol which identifies data volume to be sent, based on the data volume the route selected. If large volume of data wants to sent then the routing protocol consider the multiple node-disjoint paths are examined for satisfying QOS in terms of end-to-end delay and window-based measurements of channel estimation is performed. If small volume of data want to sent the routing protocol consider end to end delay only. In this paper analyze the data volume and end-to-end delay along the paths taking into account the IEEE 802.11 contention delays and outstanding capacity. Data Management routing scheme is proposed. To study the performance of routing System has carried out simulation. The results show that the proposed protocol performs better in terms of QOS satisfaction ratio and the throughput as compared to an existing protocol.


mobile ad hoc networks, quality-of-service, capacity estimation, admission control, channel utilization, delay, contention delay, contention area, re-sequencing delay, node-disjoint paths, data volume