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Analysis of Streaming Services and Security Issues in Peer-to-Peer Network


R.Geetha M.E, Nithya B.E


Vol. 13  No. 4  pp. 86-90


A P2P network is a special type of computer network that exhibits self-organization, symmetric communication, and distributed control. P2P streaming systems can be classified into P2P live streaming systems and P2P VoD systems. P2P live streaming systems can be categorized into tree-based P2P live streaming systems and mesh-based P2P live streaming systems. VoD services allow users to watch any point of video at any time. Depending on the forwarding approaches, P2P VoD systems can be categorized into: 1) buffer-forwarding systems, 2) storage-forwarding systems, and 3) hybrid-forwarding systems. Next, we examine different ways that P2P networks are often attacked, including denying services, contaminating the network, and compromising personal information of the peers. Finally, we analysis the security issues that occur in the underlying p2p routing protocols, as well as trust issues in p2p applications.


Peer-to-Peer(P2P), Video On Demand(VoD), Live Streaming, Tree based streaming, Mesh Based Streaming, Throughput maximization