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Blending of Face Segments


Akshay Kajekar, Shreyash Patel, Sweta Chauhan, Prashasti Kanikar


Vol. 13  No. 4  pp. 113-118


A novel algorithm for extracting the regions of interest (ROI) from face images followed by subsequent stitching of the extracted ROIs of various faces to form a face image is presented in this paper. The final face resulting from the fusion of the original face with exogenous features lacks the characteristic discontinuities that would have been expected if only a replacement operation was performed. The novelty of the algorithm comes from the fact that the approach is not only simple to implement and understands, but it gives near perfect results. To achieve its task, the system uses five modules: face detection, feature detection, segmentation, shifting and blending.


Feature extraction, human facial proportions, matlab functions, rgb color space, segmentation and ycbcr col-or space