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The Technology Acceptance Model for Playing Console Game in Korea


Gabjo Kim, Dohan Choe, Joonhyuk Lee, Sangsung Park, Sunghae Jun, Dongsik Jang


Vol. 13  No. 5  pp. 9-12


Console game market has the largest percentage of the overall game market share. As high-speed internet spreads more and more, the market share of console games seems to be decreased. To increase the game market share of console games, we need to find out main factors that influence on console game acceptance. In this study, extended TAM to examine the influences is proposed and empirically tested by survey of 58 students who have played console games. The results showed that both accessibility factors and flow factors played an important role in intention to play a console game. Furthermore, both perceived ease of use and accessibility strongly effect on flow.


TAM, Technology Acceptance Model, Console Game, Survey