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An Identifier / Locator Split Architecture for Multi-homing and Mobility Support


Joonsuk KANG, Koji OKAMURA


Vol. 13  No. 5  pp. 13-19


In this paper, we propose a new naming system to split an address into separate Identifier and Locator and a network architecture based on our naming concept, in order to solve multi-homing problem and to support mobility and seamless communication. Also our solution aims to solve the routing scalability problem. Our solution consists of the following core concepts. First, we propose a new addressing method to separate the identifier and the locator and to support multi-homing hosts. Second a location managing system to support mobility is suggested. Third, our architecture uses core-edge separation concept for routing and addressing. Fourth, to improve performance, we present a two level mapping system to manage identifiers and locators.


Future Internet, naming and addressing, ID/Locator split, multi-homing, mobility