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Configuration Method for Integrated Interface Rule


Jae-Hyoung Lee, Seung-Ik Lee, Shin-Gak Kang


Vol. 13  No. 5  pp. 33-37


Until now, the web service process system was carried out in a static environment. However, the external processes or services specified at design time, rather than a static environment it has been for technical studies on run-time inputs to configure the service to be able to add new services, applied service for the techniques of dynamic Service binding.There are multiple service instances for the service type of one. However, since the structure of interfaces is independent so that is difficult to interaction. Even if interfaces perform the same function, function structure of each interface is independent that it has less efficiency as a result internal unnecessary procedures and hard interaction.The function of internal interface has the same mechanism, but Services are constrained to vary the structure of the codes. In this paper, when a user requests a service, service is treated by applying the abstracted specifications to be defined the structure of each interface. The service response time, we propose a method that provides the user with a result of processing by inverse transform according to the structure of each interface specification. To provide the optimum service does not depend on the characteristics of each interface by configuring the abstracted specification.


Dynamic service binding, abstracted spec, BPEL, interface translation