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A Tamper Proof Noise Resilient End to End Image based Authentication System over Wireless Transmission with AWGN Channel using Wavelet based Templates and AES


Fouzia Sultana, Stephen Charles, A.Govardhan


Vol. 13  No. 5  pp. 41-48


Introduction of 3G wireless communication systems, together with the invasive distribution of digital images and the growing concern on their originality triggers an emergent need of authenticating images received by unreliable channels, such as public Internet and wireless networks. To meet this need, a content-based image authentication scheme that is suitable for an insecure network and robust to transmission errors is proposed. The proposed scheme exploits the scalability of a structural digital signature in order to achieve a good tradeoff between security and image transfer for networked image applications. In this scheme, multi-scale features extracted from wavelet transform are used to make digital signatures robust to image degradations and key-dependent parametric wavelet filters are employed to improve the security against forgery attacks. Features are irrevocable i.e Image cannot be reconstructed from the given features. We also use AES based encryption of the image data. The scheme is tested with baseband modulation, AWGN (Additive White Gaussian Noise) noise and random tampering. No explicit error correction code is implemented. We use weighted sum decoder, this scheme is also able to distinguish tampering areas in the attacked image. Experimental results show the robustness and validity of the proposed scheme.


Image authentication, watermarking, content-based, digital signature, structural signature design.