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Factors Contributing to The Rapid Growth of Kenyan Optical Fiber Network Infrastructure


Gwaro J.O, Maera J, Kirui M.S.K, Chombah J.M


Vol. 13  No. 5  pp. 57-60


In the recent past, Kenya has experienced a rapid growth of the optical fiber network. In this paper we present the factors contributing to the rapid growth of Kenyan optical fiber network infrastructure. Currently, Kenya is served by four undersea cables TEAMS, EASSy, SEACOM and LION2. The landing of these four undersea cables at the Kenyan coast has been a major boast to the information and communication technology (ICT) industry. Apart from the landing of undersea cables, the rapid growth of the optical fiber infrastructure network in Kenya has been attributed to many factors which we have discussed in this paper. In major Kenyan towns, Fiber-to-the-home is considered the home user's dream as it would enable service providers to offer a hefty selection of services including high-speed Internet, broadcast cable television, direct broadcast satellite television, and additional two-way video-based services. This has lead Telecommunications industry in Kenya to revolutionize leading to robust and wide spread optical network.


Optical fiber network Infrastructure, optical fiber, rapid growth