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Authentication using Iris Recognition with Parallel Approach


Priyam Ghosh, M Rajashekharababu


Vol. 13  No. 5  pp. 87-93


A biometric system is an automatic identification system based on a unique template or feature matching. Biometric system is one of the methods that is used now a days as an useful authentication system. Iris recognition system is among the most reliable and unique biometric identification system. The approach in this paper is to create an authentication biometric system using iris recognition with parallel approach. So far the works done in this field are mostly sequential and takes a lot of time to function. Our approach in this paper is to make the iris recognition system more efficient by parallelizing it.


Parallelization, Canny’s edge detection, Circular haugh transform, Daugman rubber sheet model, Hamming distance, MATLAB, image processing, parallelizing and image acquisition toolbox.