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Lossless Image Watermarking for HDR Images Using Tone Mapping


A.Nagurammal, T.Meyyappan


Vol. 13  No. 5  pp. 113-117


In this paper, a generic visible watermarking with a capability of lossless image recovery is proposed. This method based on the use of deterministic one-to-one compound mapping of pixel values a variety of visible watermarks on the cover image. The image conversion for watermarks normal image into HDR image are used in various image segmentation applications. During image conversion from watermarked into HDR image. The embedded watermark will be erased due to the usage of tone mapping in HDR image conversion. In this paper we have proposed a new technique for embedding a watermark which will not be erased during image conversion from normal image to HDR image. Our proposed system that, the original HDR image is transformed to a reference image by applying logLUV transformation. Finally the reverse log transform is applied to obtain the watermarked version of the given original image when a generic TM (Tone mapping) is applied to the watermarked HDR image, the watermark is still presents long as the assumption of similarly between the log transform and TM. The compound mappings are proved to be reversible, which allows for lossless recovery of original image from watermark image.


Lossless reversible watermarking, One-to-one compound mapping, HDR, Tone mapping