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A Novel Method of 3D Image Steganography Using LZW Technique and Chaotic Neural Network


B. Geetha vani, E. V. Prasad


Vol. 13  No. 6  pp. 1-9


In this paper a novel Image Steganography for 3D Images is proposed. As the volume for 3D images is high compared to 2D images, high capacity of Information can be embedded inside the 3D images. The proposed Steganography method is based on embedding the compressed encrypted secret text into spatial features of 3D images. The vertex information of 3D images is represented in real numbers. The mantissa part of the vertex representation is used for embedding the secret data. To provide high security to the information, the information is compressed using LZW technique and then encrypted using Chaotic Neural Network. The encryption data in unreadable form is embedded inside the 3D image. On the receiver side the extracted information is decrypted and then decompressed using LZW technique. The qualitative evaluation has resulted with high PSNR and Security values.


Steganography, Chaotic Neural Network, 3D images, LZW technique