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Mobility Management and Traffic Engineering Support in MPLS-LTE Networks


Afaf Mustafa Kotti


Vol. 13  No. 6  pp. 41-44


Mobile IP presents some deficiencies over dynamic mobile environment. For this reason, extending the MPLS capabilities to wireless access networks has gained many researchers interests now days. Some researches in network resource management have been devoted to provide bandwidth guarantees and prevent network congestion. However, most of them rely on load balancing to avoid network bottlenecks, tailoring on the other hand longer and costly paths. They ignore that longer paths can badly affect on both quality of routing, and usage efficiency of their network infrastructure. This paper presents a new Routing Algorithm for mobile MPLS traffic engineering. The approach is an improvement of the well-known bandwidth constrained routing algorithms since it compromises between network load balancing, reducing path length, and minimizing path cost. Our proposed TE (Traffic Engineering) algorithm has been evaluated. Simulation results show that it outperforms the most recent algorithms under a wide range of workload, topology and system parameters. Simulations also show that our proposed algorithm gives good results in reducing rejected requests.


MPLS, Mobile networks, handoff, QoS, traffic engineering, routing LSPs.