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Connectivity and Coverage Preserving Schemes for Surveillance Applications in WSN


Lokesh Sharma, Swati Agnihotri


Vol. 13  No. 6  pp. 87-91


In applications such as surveillance and target monitoring, high degree of coverage and connectivity are required. This paper investigates the problem of energy efficient coverage and connectivity for random placement of nodes such that active sensor nodes are minimized. We introduce an algorithm based on connected dominating set (CDS) and used it as a virtual backbone for network connectivity. Some nodes are refined from isolation to the backbone network, while others are connected under the tributaries of backbone network. If all the nodes are activated simultaneously, it leads to redundancy and wastage of resources in the network. In our work, coverage is achieved such that overlapping area is minimized, while connectivity of network is maintained via backbone network and its tributaries.


Wireless sensor networks, surveillance, backbone network, scheduling