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CBDAT: Cross Layer Based Detection and Authentication Technique for MANET


K.Suresh Babu, K.Chandra Sekharaiah


Vol. 13  No. 7  pp. 22-28


Mobile adhoc networks (MANETs) are prone to many security attacks and risks due to its characteristics such as mobility, lack of infrastructure and dynamic topology changes. In this paper, we propose CBDAT, a cross layer based detection and authentication technique for MANET. Our technique defines the observer node to monitor the neighbor transmissions and to compute the trust values. The observer node is elected considering residual energy, node degree and stability information. The trust value is protected using message authentication code (MAC). The estimated trust value is used for selecting the best path among the multiple paths between the source and the destination pairs. The selected path information is forwarded to Media Access Control (MAC) layer to allocate access time. The MAC layer distinguishes each node in the path by their trust value. While transmitting data in the selected path, the MAC grants more access time for the nodes with high trust value. Our technique proficiency is proved by the simulation results. It precludes more security attacks and improves system performance.


mobility, trust values, MAC, access time