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Performance Based Comparison between Various Z-N Tuninng PID and Fuzzy logic PID Controller in Position Control System of DC Motor




Vol. 13  No. 7  pp. 72-78


The objective of this paper is to compare the time specification performance between conventional controller and artificial intelligence controller in position control system of a DC motor. The scope of this research is to apply direct control technique in position control system. Two types of controller namely PID and fuzzy logic PID controller will be used to control the output response. This paper was written to reflect on the work done on the implementation of a fuzzy logic PID controller. The fuzzy controller was used to control the position of a motor which can be considered for a general basis in any project design containing logic control. Motor parameters were taken from a datasheet with respect to a real motor and a simulated model was developed using Matlab Simulink Toolbox. The fuzzy control was also designed using the Fuzzy Control Toolbox provided within Matlab, with each rule consisting of fuzzy sets conditioned to provide appropriate response times with regards to the limitations of our chosen motor. The Fuzzy Inference Engine chosen for our control was the Mamdani Minimum Inference engine. The results of the control provided response times suitable for our application.


PID, fuzzy logic, position control system, DC motor, Z-N method