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Performance Analysis of WiMAX under Single and Multi-Carrier Jamming


Gurkamal Singh, Maninder Singh


Vol. 13  No. 7  pp. 144-148


WiMAX is at the peak of communication technology as it is gaining a great position in the next generation of wireless networks. With the development of various wireless networks rapidly, they have turn into necessary infrastructure in our networking atmosphere. The main challenge for WiMAX is the problems associated with various jamming attacks that make them unavailable. Jamming attack is easy to be launched with very little efforts while its damage is severe since it effects the communication of all the nodes in the jamming range. This paper examines the threats at physical layer of the WiMAX and the performance analysis of WiMAX under physical layer is discussed. Issues related to single carrier jamming and multi carrier jamming has been covered. Various antenna patterns like Omni directional antenna isotropic antenna and sector antenna has been discussed with their effect on the WiMAX system has been discussed.


WiMAX, Jamming, Network Security, Wireless Communication, Single Carrier Jamming, Multi-Carrier Jamming