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A Proposed Architecture of Cloud Computing based e-Learning System


Amarpreet Singh Arora, Mahesh Kumar Sharma


Vol. 13  No. 8  pp. 31-34


The wide use of ICT based e-technologies represents a great opportunity for underserved segments of the population, especially with the aim of reintegrating excluded individuals back into society through education. This is particularly true for people who may have difficulties while attending traditional on-site learning or traditional learning programs in schools , institutes or universities programs that are typically based on class room , books or printed learning resources. The creation and provision of accessible e-learning contents may therefore become a key factor in enabling people with different access needs to enjoy quality learning experiences and services. In modern time Computer Education is now indispensable for people of every stratification but due to the poor economic condition many in many states of our country and other countries are unable to introduce their citizens with rich technologies and innovation developed by computer system. Consequently a cloud based shared based system may help for uniform distribution of resources between people of every stratum. In this research work we are introducing an architecture of Cloud based e-Learning system for education sector and discuss the impact of our propose architecture on the availability of widespread resources to all around the country. We are presenting here a comparative analysis of our proposed architecture with the existing one to demonstrate the advantages of the proffered architecture over the current one.


e-Learning ,Cloud computing , SaaS , PaaS , Cloud computing in education , Data center