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Quality based Bottom-up-Detection and Prevention Techniques for DDOS in MANET


Laxmi Bala, A.K. Vatsa


Vol. 13  No. 8  pp. 35-43


The distributed denial of service attack(DDoS) is a major threat to current internet security in MANET. Although the DDoS mechanism is widely understood, its detection is a very hard task because of the similarities between normal traffic and useless packet, sent by compromising host to their victims. Quality reducing attack is a new style of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The goodput and delay performance of TCP or UDP ?ows are very sensitive to such Quality reducing attacks. . In this paper a bottom up detection and prevention techniques for DDoS in MANET has been proposed thereby achieving an efficient quality of services provisioning. Our method relies on the use of monitoring and measurement techniques to evaluate the impact of SYN flooding attacks.


MANET, DDoS attack, TCP SYN flood attack, TTL.