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Scalability of LBS in Mobile GIS Using Web Services


G.B.V.Padmanadh, J.V.R.Murthy, G.Veeraswara Swamy, M.Jagannadha Rao


Vol. 13  No. 8  pp. 82-86


GIS becomes an active research area in the field of GIS. Information collection is one of the most important fact in application directions of mobile GIS. Spatial data infrastructures (SDI) providing geospatial web services as well as mobile GIS. In this paper was to investigate the possibility of designing and implementing a mobile system, able to visualize and manipulate geographic information, with the interoperability of GIS systems in mind, i.e., by using formats and open standards. To assess these premises, architecture was designed Mobile Data Service as a middle-tire to increase computing power, display size and communication bandwidth. Middle-tier architecture allows an effective use of geospatial web services by mobile clients.


Mobile GIS, location based services (LBS), Spatial data infrastructures, Mobile Data Service.