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Comparative Analysis between Centralized and P2P System Traffic in Terms of Providing VoD Service to Cable Television Network Subscribers


Lidia Jordanova Jordan Nenkov, Dobri Dobrev


Vol. 13  No. 9  pp. 29-35


The choice between a P2P and a conventional centralized realization of VoD service on cable television network can be made after a comparison of the traffic in different sections of the network. Until recently, the centralized architecture has been the most popular architecture for providing VoD service to subscribers of cable television network. With the growth of the network, however, this type of architecture has become inapplicable because of the need for a large number of outgoing video streams from the central VoD server, i.e. high bit rate through the central transmission network. The objective of this paper is to compare the necessary bit rates on different network sections of P2P and centralized VoD architecture and to study the influence of the more important parameters on these bit rates.


VoD service, cable television network, P2P architecture, Erlang - B, video traffic