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A Study on Multicast Routing Protocols for MANETS: MRMP, ERAMOBILE, TSMP, LAM, PUMA


R.Periasamy, C.Ranjithkumar, P.Panimalar


Vol. 13  No. 9  pp. 93-97


In this paper, we focus on fundamentals of multicast routing protocols for mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs). MANET is based on infrastructure less network of wireless devices connected by wireless links. In the past surveys are lot Tree or Mesh based multicast routing protocols, this article presents overview of multicast routing protocols such as, Maximum Residual Multicast Protocol(MRMP), Epidemic-Based Reliable and Adaptive Multicast(Era-mobile), Tim Synchronized Multiple Access (TSMP), Light Adaptive Multicast (LAM).This study is useful information for many researches in Mobile ad-hoc Networks.


Mobile ad-hoc network, Multicast Routing, MRMP, Era-mobile, TSMP, LAM