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Energy-Efficient Reliable Video Routing in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks


Jayashree A, Rashmi A Patil


Vol. 13  No. 9  pp. 109-114


Wireless multimedia sensor networks (WMSNs) can handle different traffic classes of multimedia content (video, audio streams and still images) as well as scalar data over the network. Use of general and efficient routing protocols for WMSNs is of crucial significance. Similar to other traditional networks, in WMSNs a noticeable proportion of energy is consumed due to communications. Many routing protocols have been proposed for WMSNs. The design of more efficient protocols in terms of energy awareness, video packet scheduling and QoS in terms of checkpoint arrangement still remains a challenge. This paper proposes the actuation of sensor on demand basis and routing protocol based on cost function which efficiently utilizes the network resources such as the intermediate nodes energy and load. Cost function is introduced to improve the route selection and control congestion. Simulation results, using the NS-2 simulator show that the proposed protocol prolongs the network lifetime, increase the throughput and reliability, decrease the network load.


WMSNs, energy efficiency, reliability, Qos, video packet scheduling.