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GA based Network Security System for Medical Image Transmission Through Web


K.A.Mohamed Junaid


Vol. 13  No. 9  pp. 125-129


Intrusion Detection System (IDS) has been developed using genetic algorithm, in which new anomalies are detected to have intrusion free network for secure medical image transmission. The aim of this work is to block unauthorized users / hackers to protect the medical images during transmission through web. The genetic algorithm starts with a population that has randomly selected rules (Goldberg 1989). The population will be evolved by using the crossover and mutations. Due to the effectiveness of the evaluation function, the succeeding populations are biased towards the rules that match with the intruders behaviours At the end of the execution of algorithm , new intruder’s data are generated and added into the IDS rule base as new intruder data. In the IDS developed, generation of new rules is obtained using GA, which tend to incorporate improved network security system. In the case of Data Encryption and water marking techniques, the image data content can be protected from the unauthorized users. But, they can not be prevented from altering the data. By using GA, unauthorized users / hackers are not allowed in the network to visualize the medical images transmitted thro’ the web.


Intrusion Detection System, Genetic Algorithm, Network Security, Medical Image.