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Enhance Quality of Video Transmission based on Improving The RED Algorithm


Cao Diep Thang, Nguyen Thuc Hai, Nguyen Linh Giang


Vol. 13  No. 10  pp. 26-32


Nowadays, application on Video transmission on Internet tends to be challenging in meeting the end users’ demand. There have been numerous researches on improving video transmission quality when network congestion occurs. In this paper, we propose a control mechanism of the packets mark (drop) in the Random Early Detection (RED) active queue management. To enhance the quality of video transmission, we built a probability adjusting function of the packets mark (drop) based on buffer size in routers, network status. Our proposal is validated by NS-2 simulation, using objective video quality measurement peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) (dB). The results of simulation experiment in IP network environment show that the video transmission quality has improved approximately the 6.9 percent (in average) compared with the original RED queue.


RED, NS-2, Mpeg, Active Queue Management.