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General IPS: Carapace for Campus Wide Network in Intranet


Archana Wankhade, Premchand Ambhore, Bandu Meshram


Vol. 13  No. 10  pp. 69-73


The proposed software architecture is implemented by using the agile software development process. The proposed software for the defence against attacks deals with the attack generation, attack detection in the intranet and then prevention of attacks. The attack prevention module is flexible as we can add the rule in the firewall to prevent the any known attack. The software is deployed on our collage campus wide network and tested for the intrusion detection and prevention. Due to space problem we considered two attacks on every packet such as ICMP, UDP and TCP packet.


Smurf, Ping of Death, ICMP Flood, LAND, XMAS, TCP Flood, Ping Pong Attack Generation, Firewall rules