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Telecommunications Quality of Service Contractual Indicators for Developing Countries


Ali Mahgoub Gaafar, Gamal Amin Elsayed, Diaeldin Awad Elgamel, Salih Yassin Salih, Tarig Shawgi Abdelrahma, Amin Babiker A. Mustafa, Ismail El-Azhary


Vol. 13  No. 11  pp. 28-32


Customer satisfaction is the corner stone in quality of service (QoS) in telecommunications. Contractual matters form an important stage in QoS recommendations. The telecommunications services contractual aspect is an essential legal documentary process for customer rights reservation. Developing countries, is suffering from the lack of legal awareness and low financial income. This in turn leads to significant disputes between customers and service providers (SP) due to inadequate contracts. This paper proposes a new and updated trend for the contractual behavior taking into consideration so many factors. Some of these factors are: customers legal level of contractual understanding, customers awareness level, technical regulator/SP agreements, variations of different service providers that offering similar services, safety considerations, operational precautions, governmental restrictions, and ITU directives for bridging the digital gap. The presented contractual updated trend is categorized into two approaches. The first category addresses contractual issues between the regulator and the SP (legally professional for inservice QoS and operational conditions). The second addresses contractual issues between the SP and the customer (supervised and approved by the regulator). According to the proposed scenario, ICT regulatory authority has the right to provide, approve and monitor the articles, terms and conditions of the contracts in a high professional level in order to achieve the customer rights reservation and QoS satisfaction goals. The proposed contractual framework is recommended to be consented and deployed by the regulatory authority considering the current status of the ICT market in the developing countries.


Quality of service, QoS, regulator role, contractual issues