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Customizing Non-Utilization Telecommunications QoS Parameters for Developing Countries Based on the ITU-T E.803 Recommendation


Ali Mahgoub Gaafar, Gamal Amin Elsayed, Diaeldin Awad Elgamel, Salih Yassin Salih, Tarig Shawgi Abdelrahma, Amin Babiker A. Mustafa, Ismail El-Azhary


Vol. 13  No. 11  pp. 49-54


The new trend in Quality of Services (QoS) encompasses the nonutilization QoS indicators and parameters, in addition to traditionally known in-service QoS parameters. This is due to the fact that customer satisfaction is the dominant factor in achieving QoS requirements. For this reason, in 2012 the ITU published its new recommendation, ITU-T E.803, to cover the non-utilization QoS parameters. In spite of its importance to the current situation of developing countries, the complete deployment of that recommendation may face some complications. This is due to the fact that it has 88 parameters in 13 stages characterizing this recommendation especially in the primary adoption phase for the developing countries regulatory authorities. Fortunately, that very recommendation offers flexibility in dealing with these parameters. In this paper, a local adequate scenario is proposed for the developing countries. In this respect, the thirteen stages are preserved, while the parameters are restructured by selection resulting in 28 measurable parameters. The above scenario is justified by so many factors such as the level of customer awareness and the requirements of the ICT market in the developing countries.


Quality of service, QoS, ITU-T E 803, customization for developing countries