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An Adaptive Secure Fuzzy Multicast communication in Large Scale Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


B.G.Obula Reddy, Maligela Ussenaiah


Vol. 13  No. 11  pp. 70-79


Multicast protocols in MANETs must consider control overhead for maintenance, energy efficiency of nodes and routing trees managements to frequent changes of network topology. Now-a-days Multicast protocols extended with Cluster based approach. Cluster based multicast tree formation is still research issues. The tree reconstruction of cluster-based multicast routing protocol will take place if any link of the trees has malfunction or the nodes move out of the link, therefore, its robust performance is unsatisfactory. The mobility of nodes will always increase the communication delay because of re-clustering and cluster head selections. In our previous proposal, reported on simulation-based experiments evaluating two different approaches clustering to multicast communication in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), namely AFMR and CBRP. One of the chief contributions of this work is our objective analysis of these two multicast routing protocol categories in order to characterize their behavior under a wide range of MANET mobility. In this paper, we evaluate mainly security level based in AFMR, named SAFMR and compare it with Cluster-based On Demand Multicast Routing Protocol (CODMRP) and Cluster-based routing protocol (CBRP).


Fuzzy Clustering, AFMR, SAFMR, CBRP, Kalman Filter, Location Management.