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Self Configurable Relink Establishment using Continuous Neighbor Discovery in Asynchronous Sensor Networks


Rushikesh B. Shreshtha, Rajeswari Goudar


Vol. 13  No. 11  pp. 80-83


A Sensor network generally has a large number of sensor nodes that are deployed at some audited site. In most sensor networks the nodes are static. Nevertheless, node connectivity is subject to changes because of disruptions in wireless communication, transmission power changes, or loss of synchronization between neighbouring nodes, so there is a need to maintain synchronization between the neighbouring nodes in order to have efficient communication. Hence even after a sensor is aware of its immediate neighbours, it must continuously maintain its view a process we call continuous neighbour discovery. In this proposed work we are maintaining synchronization between neighbouring nodes so that the sensor network will be always active.


Sensor, Hidden link, Hidden Nodes Segments, Neighbour Discovery.