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The Effect of Culture of Tehran Zamzam Company in Developing Strategies and Providing Appropriate Techniques to Company Based on Fuzzy Techniques


Mohammadreza Shojaei, Nina Ghaneh, Sara Dadashnejad, Mohammad Najjari


Vol. 13  No. 11  pp. 92-100


In today's world, organizations that want to stay in the global competition status, should have the right strategy and having the appropriate strategies occurs when the organization obtain thorough understanding and knowledge of their organizational culture so that they can formulate appropriate strategies and coordination according to the organization's culture. Relationship between strategy and culture has much effect on the performance of the organization. Beliefs, values and norms are guiding the strategy formulation process. In fact, the culture is guide for implementation of strategies, and it provides field that an organization can follow its strategies. Therefore a consistency between culture, strategy and organization should be conducted. In other words, understanding the culture of organization by managers, before choosing strategy, and if possible choosing an appropriate model based on it has a great importance. In this paper, the culture of beverage company of Zamzam was reviewed with Hofstede, and Schneider model, and appropriate strategy formulation with it based on fuzzy techniques was done and according to the findings of research and features of Zamzam company, an appropriate pattern to strategy formulation has been selected as controlled case.


Strategy, Culture of organization, Fuzzy analysis.