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GPS Test Performance: Elastic Execution Applications between Mobile Device and Cloud to Reduce Power Consumption


Diaa Salama AbdElminaam, Hatem M.Abdul Kader, Mohie M.Hadhoud, Salah M El-Sayed


Vol. 13  No. 12  pp. 6-13


Mobile systems, such as smart phones, have become the primary computing platform for many users. Smartphones stimulate growth of Global Position Systems. However, smartphone mobile computing faces challenges because of the limited battery capacity. Therefore, it is necessary to offload the computation-intensive part by careful partitioning of application functions across a cloud. Mobile applications can be executed in the mobile device (known as mobile execution) or offloaded to the cloud clone for execution (known as cloud execution), with an objective to save energy for mobile device. In mobile cloud computing, application offloading is implemented as a solution for augmenting computing potentials of smart mobile this paper we propose a new elastic application model that enables transparent use of cloud resources to augment the capability of resource constrained mobile devices. The significant features of this model include the partition of a single application into multiple components. Its execution location is transparent it can be run on a mobile device or migrated to the cloud. Thus, an elastic application can augment the capabilities of a mobile device including computation power, storage, and network bandwidth, with the light of dynamic execution configuration according to device’s status including CPU load, memory, battery level. We demonstrate promising results of the proposed application model using data collected from one of our example elastic applications.


Cloud computing, Mobile application, Mobile cloud computing (MCC), GPS, offloading